Twelfth Night, Or What You Will

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Tiffany M. Waters

Log in to a world where comedy and tragedy wear twin pajama pants. Where love, loss, and friendship must evolve in isolation and be filtered through your screen. Where duels are settled with game controllers, not swords, and Alexa plays “the food of love” on command. This is the new world, and in this world, you can be whoever you want (as long as you’re at home). This is I.L.L.Y.R.I.A.


January 9 at 7:30pm EST
January 10 at 2:00pm EST, followed by a Q&A

Our Twelfth Night explores themes of love, loss, and reunion through isolation. How can we tell the story as it relates to our contemporary circumstances? Twelfth Night seemed a most fitting play to select for our interests because it begins as a tragedy and, through trials and tribulations, grows into a joyful comedy. Over the course of the play, these characters rediscover ways to find joy and happiness through their period of mourning.


ViolaTabitha Littlefield
Fabian/Sea CaptainCaroline Lucas
Duke OrsinoKT Aylesworth
Antonio/ValentineJustin Bigelow
Maria/Officer/PriestEleanore Tapscott
Sir Toby BelchJoshua Engel
Sir Andrew AguecheekJeffrey Fleming
FesteAllison McAllister
Countess OliviaAngela Trusty
MalvolioTyler James Haggard
SebastianAllison Jones


DirectorTiffany M. Waters
Assistant Director/Stage ManagerClaudia Bach
ProducerJoshua Engel
ASM/Logo DesignErin Nealer
Technical DirectorJeff Poretsky
Music DirectorTyler James Haggard
Original MusicTyler James Haggard
Graphic DesignTabitha Littlefield
Program DesignClaudia Bach


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