Call for writers, directors, and actors for the 24 Hour Zoom Fest

At 8pm on Friday, June 25, writers are given their prompts and number of actors via email. Prompts will be a few words that you must incorporate, either as phrases or concepts. They then have 12 hours to write a short script (up to 10 minutes). We will have a Zoom room set up overnight for writer commiseration and support. At 8am on Saturday, June 26, the directors are given their scripts and actors. They then have 12 hours to rehearse their script. At 8pm on Saturday, we go live on Zoom.

You may sign up as writer, director, or actor. We have 12 slots for writers and directors, and will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you would like to include a second choice of job, you may do so. You may sign up to write as a pair if you wish.

To sign up, fill out the form at

This project is open to genders, races, ethnicities, ages, abilities, and presentations. The Rude Mechanicals practice race-conscious casting and employ an anti-harassment policy which can be found here:

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