The Rude Mechanicals Harassment Policy

It is the intention of the Rude Mechanicals (RMs) to make a safe space for all people to develop their artistic expression without coercion. The Rude Mechanicals (RMs) do not tolerate sexual, orientation, gender, race, religion, or other harassment in any form, and strives to provide an environment free of any form of harassment or other inappropriate or unwelcome behavior. Retaliation will not be permitted against anyone for inquiry or any sincere complaint brought forth. This document may be modified over time as needed.

This policy is applicable to all stages of production, officially sanctioned events, and communications. The Rude Mechanicals may also use their discretion in regards to harassment outside of official Rude Mechanicals events.

For purposes of this policy, harassment means behavior, conduct, or communications that is known, or ought to be known, to be unwelcome. It can be repeated behavior or conduct, or in some cases, even one occurrence may be serious enough to be deemed harassment.

Theatrical performances, by their nature, present special challenges with regards to sexually explicit language and situations, as we sometimes play roles that require great intimacy. The key to determining whether these situations should be classified as harassment includes an analysis of the full context under which the conduct occurred. If a RM member is in doubt as to whether a particular incident is inappropriate and desires outside opinions or assistance with a resolution, they are encouraged to bring it to the attention of the director, producer, stage manager, advocate, or member of the Board of Directors with whom they feel comfortable.


The Rude Mechanicals recognize 18 as the age of consent. Legal guardians are encouraged and invited to attend all functions including rehearsals with minors, and will be welcomed at all activities.

Advocates and Reporting

The RMs understands the fears of retaliation from reporting harassment and other issues. As such we have instituted a system of ‘Advocates’. These people are members of the troupe who have volunteered and been confirmed by the Board of Directors (BoD) to hear your complaints confidentially, and bring them to the BoD/Hearing group. If a resolution cannot be reached under the auspices of anonymity, the Advocate will speak with the complainant regarding whether the complainant is willing to speak with the Board directly. The Advocates are also fully familiar with the Rude Mechanicals’ sexual harassment policy and can help guide non-anonymous complainants through the process. There will be a list of Advocates publicly available; anyone may go to any Advocate with a complaint.

This person has avowed that they will maintain fully the confidentiality of conversations with the complainant, except where the complainant has given permission otherwise. After the RMs close the issue, the Advocate will purge all connection between the complainant and the issue.

When possible, Advocates will be positioned both in and outside of the current show. Advocates will be appointed or re-confirmed at the yearly meeting when this policy is reviewed, and will also be confirmed at the beginning of shows.


The RMs will aim for amicable resolutions where possible and appropriate, and will use great consideration in determining responses.

To move forward with a complaint, an advocate or complainant must bring the issue to the Board of Directors. They will hear from the advocate (and/or the complainant) on the issue. The advocate will attend any such hearing. If a member of the Board is the accused, that member shall recuse themselves from overseeing the proceedings.

The Board shall determine the severity of the infraction and what the remedy should be. These include BUT ARE NOT LIMITED to the following:

  • A mediated discussion between the complainant and accused
  • A warning from a Board member or advocate to the accused
  • An official reprimand from a Board member to the accused
  • Dismissal from the current production
  • Suspension from the RMs for a specific period of time
  • Expulsion from the RMs

A list of members who are presently suspended or have been expelled from the RMs will be made available to directors within the Rude Mechanicals, so that they may avoid casting or recruiting those members. A list of past reprimands, dismissals, and suspensions will be confidentially maintained by the Board of Directors, so that they may deal with chronic offenders as necessary.

Publicization of the Policy

As early as practicable during the rehearsal process, i.e. during the first full cast table read, an Advocate who is not involved with the show will introduce themselves to the group and present a quick summary of the policy, as well as giving the group a list of current advocates and their contact information. This document will be linked on the Rudes website.

This document will be reviewed at a troupe meeting not less than annually.

January 2018

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