The Tamer Tamed

By John Fletcher
Directed by Liana Olear

Have you ever watched Taming of the Shrew and wished Petruchio got what he deserved? 

So did Shakespeare’s contemporary, Fletcher, who wrote a fanfic about Petruchio’s second wife.


Saturday, February 13 & 20, 8PM EST

Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew ends with Petruchio admired for his wife’s obedience, but in our sequel their relationship remained unhappy. Petruchio is now widowed and looks forward to a tranquil marriage to sweet and mild Maria. She, however, fears sharing the first wife’s fate, and is determined to obtain relationship equality and material independence by borrowing tricks from the classics and from Petruchio’s own playbook. Meanwhile, Maria’s sister Livia must avoid being married off to the old rich Moroso and find a way to wed her handsome if mercurial sweetheart Rowland. Encouraged by mastermind Biancha, sisters wage hilarious war of the sexes to find happiness.


MorosoBill Bodie
TranioNathan Rosen
SophoclesJim Adams
RowlandSarah Pfanz
LiviaLinda “Spencer” Dye
BianchaPamela Northrup
MariaMelissa Schick
JacquesSean Eustis
PetruchioWes Dennis
PetroniusNancy Linden


DirectorLiana Olear
Stage ManagerMatt Etner
ZoominematographerAlan Duda
Graphics & SoundJaki Demarest
ProducerJoshua Engel
PublicityWes Dennis
Program DesignMelissa Schick


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