Romeo and Juliet

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Claudia Bach

The Rude Mechanicals and the Greenbelt Arts Center present this online production of Romeo & Juliet, the story of two young women in rural America fighting against the prejudices of their families and even themselves in order to be together. This cast brings new life, heart, and insight to this classic play.

August 15 at 8pm
August 16 at 2pm (followed by Q&A)

From the Director:
“I wanted to explore how we overlook and miss the voices of young people. There is a striking lack of trust and communication between the young people in this community and the adults, and the consequences are dire. What does it mean for two young women, living in a town so small they’re practically isolated, to learn something about themselves — their love for each other — that suddenly makes them an Other? Alienated from the few people around them, who would they go to? Who would they trust? Suddenly, as the grapple not only with their secret infatuation but with the secret of their own identities, we can feel the full weight of the stakes Shakespeare is presenting to us, and the story begins to shed new light on what it is to love others and yourself.”


SampsonJoseph Downs
GregoryAllison McAlister
MercutioSarah Pfanz
BenvolioNailah Hunter
TybaltAllison Walker-Elders
CapuletJoshua Engel
Montague/Friar JohnJustin Bigelow
Prince ParisWes Dennis
RomeoAudra Jacobs
Lady CapuletTiffany Waters
NurseSpencer Dye
JulietErin Nealer
Friar LaurenceTyler Haggard


DirectorClaudia Bach
Stage ManagerAllison McAlister
ProducerJoshua Engel
Technical ServicesLiana Olear
Jeff Poretsky
Graphic DesignErin Nealer


“The Rude Mechanicals brought passion and creative energy to their Zoom production”

— Melissa Site, Greenbelt News Review

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