The Revenger’s Tragedy

By Anonymous
Directed by Jaki Demarest

The Revenger’s Tragedy is a darkly comic masterpiece by an unknown writer. Just in time for Halloween, we have a Jacobean revenge tragedy, Hamlet without the indecision. A little touch of Tarantino in the night, with intrigue, murder, mayhem, infidelity, a poisoned skull, a mistaken execution, a battle royale with the improbable weapon of a severed head, and a twist ending that manages to subvert all the tropes and expectations, unfolding live on YouTube.

Warning: this play contains adult themes, sexuality, and references to sexual violence.


October 30 & 31 at 8PM EST


Vindici, the AvengerWes Dennis
Hippoloto, Vindici’s BrotherTyler James Haggard
Gratiana, Vindici’s MotherPamela Northrup
Castiza, Vindici’s SisterAllison McAlister
The DukeJacqueline Youm
Lussorioso, the Duke’s EldestChristopher Fominaya
Spurio, the Duke’s BastardDaniel Hubbell
The DuchessTiffany M. Waters
Ambitioso, the Duchess’s EldestGary Brick
Supervacuo, the Duchess’s SecondJustin Bigelow
Junior, the Duchess’s YoungestLiana Olear
Antonio, a LordJoe Kubinski
Judge Reynaldo, Antonio’s BrotherJeff Poretsky
Rosenio, a LordJimmy Flame
Gildernio, a LordMatthew Wilson
Sordido, a LordEd Myers
BarfliesAlan Duda, Jaki Demarest


DirectorJaki Demarest
Assistant DirectorsAlan Duda, Ed Starr
Apprentice DirectorTiffany M. Waters
DramaturgRebecca Hranj
ZoominatographerAlan Duda
Stealth BardPenny Martin
Technical MinionLiana Olear
PublicityJoshua Engel
Graphics, Sound, Costumes, PropsJaki Demarest
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