Arden Now

A collaborative adaptation of As You Like It by William Shakespeare

Directed by Melissa Schick

Fresh from a wildly successful run at the Capital Fringe Festival, The Rude Mechanicals present Arden Now, an As You Like It adaptation. DC Metro Theater Arts calls the show, "a laudable theatrical experiment that tests just how well Shakespeare can stand up to modernization."

Using William Shakespeare’s As You Like It as a framework, this play celebrates the diversity of love using modern concepts of romance, relationships, gender, and sexuality. The show takes place in a gender blank alternate universe where gendered pronouns are unnecessary. The story line is also altered to represent love in its many forms. We feature monogamous relationships, polyamorous relationships, kinky bdsm relationships, and asexual queerplatonic friendship. The show is scored with live music and we borrow songs and poems from other sources to round out the experience. You'll even see Shakespeare in languages including Spanish, French, Tamil, and Italian. Come see the delightful chaos in the Forest of Arden. You might even get a snack at the end, we're just saying.


Greenbelt Arts Center

Friday August 25th - 8pm
Saturday August 26th - 8pm
Sunday August 27th (matinee) - 2pm
Friday September 1st - 8pm
Saturday September 2nd - 8pm